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We try to anticipate questions you might have. We are in the middle of expanding this section. on our new site If you need additional information, send email to

1. Do I need a special mattress?

Our beds do not require a special mattress. Any mattress under 12″ will work with an optimal thickness being 9 1/2″. This thickness will allow room to leave on thick bedding.

2. Will the bed damage my walls or floors?

A panel bed gets anchored to your wall. It leaves the same marks as hanging a picture. A Murphy bed usually gets attached to the floor and does cause some floor damage if it is removed. We have a wall bracket to mount it to the wall instead of the floor if you are worried about floor damage. It must be specified at time of order.

3. Shipping and Ready to assemble units.

(Shipments with a pallet delivered by Semi-Trailer Truck or similar vehicle and offloaded by Purchaser)

Shipments will be delivered to, or as close to, the Purchasers property line and/or driveway provided the location is deemed assessable by the delivering carrier. It is the Purchasers responsibility to inform Murphy Wall-Beds Hardware at time of purchase of any unusual or difficult location or delivery issues, so necessary arrangements may be made with the delivering carrier ,where possible. Purchasers may incur additional shipping costs depending on the Purchasers specific situation. The delivering freight carrier is not obligated to assist the Purchaser with unloading the freight.

It is strongly recommended that the Purchaser have at least 1 assistant to help offload freight from the delivery truck. The Purchaser should be aware that if the total freight exceeds 500 lbs, units will be offloaded one piece at a time with individual pieces and components ranging between 22-115 lbs that should be manageable in most situations. The Purchaser will be given a reasonable time frame to unload freight from the delivering freight carrier vehicle ranging between 20-30 minutes.

The Purchaser agrees to accept all financial responsibility for demurrage and rerouting costs if the ship-to location is changed after the product is shipped from our premises.

Shipment method/procedure must be confirmed at time of order. Purchaser should be aware that all freight is prepaid and that no additional freight charges should be paid to delivering carrier unless Purchasers alters or changes any prior arrangements. Any deviations to prearranged shipping methods will result in additional costs being billed to the Purchaser. In most cases the delivering carrier will bill the purchaser directly for any additional charges.

Purchaser must inspect freight prior to unloading and document any damage on the Shipping Document “BILL OF LADING or DELIVERY SLIP” provided by the delivering carrier. Failure to document any such damage may result in delays in resolving any possible freight damage claims, or the freight claim not being accepted.

4. How easy is the bed to open and close?

If you have your mattress available when we install the bed we will set the tension to a point where the bed lifts as easily as if it’s 10 – 15 lbs.

5. What is melamine?

Melamine resin is known as thermoset plastic, because the plastic is fixed after molding. The plastic is able to withstand higher temperatures and pressures than other plastics. It is extremely scratch and moisture resistant. When applied to LDF or MDF it is an excellent product for cabinets (it is fire and scratch resistant). Some low grade melamine board may contain formaldehyde (we don’t use this).

6. What is involved in the installation of a Murphy bed or panel bed?

A typical Murphy bed installation takes from 2 to 4 hours to complete, somewhat longer for Home Office Systems. We have without question the best installers in the business, and they do most assembly work on site. A panel bed is attached to the studs in your wall. The Murphy bed frame itself is bolted into the floor (it doesn’t matter what material the floor is). All of the cabinetry is squared up and held in place with minimal attachments to existing studs. We do not recommend customers attempting to install units themselves, as there can be hundreds of parts and improper assembly or installation could result in a poorly functioning system.

7. Can our Murphy bed be moved at a later time if we move to a new address?

Sure. Most anything that can be installed can be “un-installed”. We can disassemble and then reinstall it at your new home. However, many of our customers have found that selling their Murphy bed with the house enhances their home’s “salability”. The vast majority of these customers have then come back and bought another Murphy system for their new home. Quite a testament to the popularity of Murphy beds among current owners.

8. What exactly is a Murphy bed?

Murphy Beds are beds that are stored vertically inside a wall cabinet, opening downward for use when needed. Originally invented for the urban cities of the North in the early 1900’s, the space-saving features of Murphy Beds have led to their rediscovery in the last decade, especially when combined with matching cabinetry to form complete Murphy Bed Systems. Generically they are referred to as wall beds.

9. Are these the same beds we’ve seen in old movies and TV shows?

Not quite (thankfully), although the concept hasn’t changed. Today’s wall beds have been improved both for comfort and in ease of use.

10. Are wall beds comfortable?

Absolutely. Unlike sofa beds and futons, wall beds do not require any folding of the mattress. Therefore you are sleeping on a quality innerspring mattress without the bars and lumps associated with sofa beds or futons. We’ve had customers tell us their wall bed is more comfortable than their master bedroom bed!

11. Are wall beds difficult to open and close?

Not at all. Most people are surprised at how little effort is required. Both of our mechanisms are spring-balanced for easy operation.

12. What sizes do Murphy Beds come in?

All the same sizes as conventional bedding: Twin, Full, Queen, even King!

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